United Way of Central Ohio

Pathways Out of Poverty.

Poverty is a serious and significant problem in our community. It affects all of us, and it will take all of us working together to reduce it. We’re leading the fight against poverty by creating more opportunities for people to succeed. When more people succeed, our community gets stronger; and that helps all of us.

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Wendy, Derrick and Anika have joined the fight against poverty by partnering with United Way of Central Ohio. We’re tackling root causes and providing effective pathways out of poverty by bringing together volunteers, donors, organizations, businesses, community leaders and YOU, because we need your help. Especially now.

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Education, Income, Health and Home.

These are the 4 building blocks of a better life and critical elements in creating pathways out of poverty. People need a good education, help through tough times, regular health care, and safe and decent housing. In a crisis, people usually need support in a number of areas—not just one.

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