We reduce poverty
in Central Ohio

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Why We Reduce Poverty

  • 206,427

    Number of individuals in Franklin
    County living in poverty*

  • 69,647

    Number of children in Franklin
    County living in poverty*

  • $ 5,088

    The monthly income it takes for a
    family of 4 to make ends meet**

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* U.S. Census, American Community Survey 2014 1-year estimates
** The University of Washington, Self-Sufficiency Standard 2015

How We Reduce Poverty

  • 1

    We research

    We deeply understand community conditions in Central Ohio and pinpoint the most effective approaches to reduce poverty.

  • 2

    We created a new approach

    We created a new pathway system which ensures families receive services, gaps in services are filled, and positive outcomes are achieved.

  • 3

    We mobilize

    By convening and catalyzing people and systems, we help change community conditions and improve the chances that families will succeed.

  • 4

    We don’t stop there

    We also prioritize neighborhoods of concentrated poverty, serving as a catalyst and organizer for revitalization efforts.

our impact

  • Ty-White---Tykrysha-Arnold-3271

    Ty’s Story

    The moment Tinya (Ty) White heard the woman on the other end of the phone say “Welcome to OhioHealth,” she burst into tears. She never imagined she would finally be hired by Grant Hospital. As a home health aide, Ty had been laid off, was struggling to pay bills and faced eviction from her Bexley…

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  • Stephen-Moore-2670

    Stephen’s story

    After Stephen was diagnosed with cancer, fighting the disease was not the only battle he faced. Daily radiation and chemotherapy treatments had weakened him and made it impossible for him to work. As a result, he was struggling with depression and searching for help with basic needs like food, clothing and transportation. He found the…

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  • Arnetta-Asapokhai-8057-2

    Arnetta’s Story

    Growing up on the South Side, Arnetta watched her mom struggle to put food on the table for the family of seven. She vowed she wouldn’t live on welfare as an adult. That determination took her to Columbus State after high school. But as her debt climbed, she quit college to work and keep from…

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  • Antonie-Moss-2200

    Antonie’s Story

    When Antonie couldn’t help his son solve a third-grade math problem, he decided it was time to make a change. For him, that meant making education a priority and getting his GED. He admits he wasn’t putting much effort into making a good living up to that point, but now he wants to be a…

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How You Can Help

We all have the potential to make central Ohio a better place. If you’re ready to Make Your Moment in our community, we can help you get started. Take the quick five-question quiz, give a gift to reduce poverty or find a volunteer opportunity near you. Whatever you decide, every moment counts.

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  • Tiwuan-8626

    Join the Mentoring Movement

    Join United Way of Central Ohio’s Mentoring Movement, a new partnership with Columbus City Schools, Champion of Children, and Key Club.

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  • Untitled-1

    What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?

    Friends of the United Way of Central Ohio, As I sit here at my gate at the Port Columbus airport, leaving for a long-planned vacation with dear friends, you’d think I would be happy, anticipating the soul-nourishing benefits of time spent with loved ones. Instead, my heart is nearly broken. As I woke up this morning and heard the…

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  • post

    2017 People-Centered Investments

    United Way of Central Ohio (UWCO) is fully committed to the work of reducing poverty. Through research and engagement with stakeholders, United Way’s role in this important work has been defined as a catalyst that seeks to: Connect people county wide to high-quality, high-impact services; Improve neighborhoods; Ensure that systems and policies work effectively; and…

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