Our Mission

Improve the lives of others by mobilizing the caring power of our community.

Our Vision

Build a community in which everyone has the aspirations, resources and opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

We are your neighbors, co-workers and friends. We are a collaboration of donors, volunteers, organizations and experts—UNITED around the shared sense of purpose to reduce poverty in our community. Founded in 1923, United Way of Central Ohio is one of the largest United Ways in the country. We bring together more than 40,000 donors, advocates and volunteers, because when we speak and act together, we have the power to do more and our impact multiplies.


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United Way of Central Ohio is a
volunteer-driven organization

whose purpose is to measurably improve lives in our community. We recognize our responsibility to the community and the people we serve. We value those relationships and believe that we and our representatives must act in ways that honor the trust those communities have placed in us.

We adhere to a Code of Ethics that is based on the ethical standards of integrity, accountability, confidentiality, diversity, fairness and respect. As a member of United Way Worldwide, we follow The Global Standards for United Way Organizations. These Standards articulate the principles and practices that make United Way organizations unique and successful wherever they are in the world. As we work toward the goal of improving lives and strengthening our community, we also work to earn our community’s trust every day by maintaining the very highest standards of accountability and transparency.

We adhere to comprehensive requirements for audited financial statements that ensure consistency and transparency on the part of each local United Way. Diversity and inclusion inform every aspect of our work. We are continually aware of the importance of racial disparities and create strategies to reduce them.

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