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To address this critical situation, United Way’s Board of Trustees approved a plan to focus all of our work on reducing poverty.Since adopting that plan, we thoroughly reviewed the latest data and research on the root causes of poverty, and developed transformative approaches that offer the greatest potential for effectively reducing poverty.

Start a Workplace Campaign

Starting a workplace campaign is an ideal way for you and your co-workers to take a stand for your philanthropic values. Creating a culture of giving at work benefits your employees, your organization and our community. When you partner with United Way of Central Ohio, you help improve the lives of everyone in our community —including your own.

We’re here for support.

Let us help you customize your campaign. Together, we’ll make it fun, productive and engaging, regardless of the size of your organization. Call 614.227.2700. We’ll connect you with your personal United Way campaign manager so you can get started today.

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