Leading the way for a more equitable community

Leaders United was formed from United Way’s affinity groups that began more than 20 years ago by passionate leaders who supported our work to reduce poverty and create impact in central Ohio.

Join this powerful network of leaders who represent a wide variety of age groups, backgrounds, workplaces and interests, and who are all committed to making central Ohio an even better place to live, work and play. Leaders United members want to play an important role in setting and carrying out agendas for change in central Ohio. Members invest their time and treasure to help create a more equitable community.

Mission Statement: To mobilize change leaders and create an impact in our community by opposing systems of injustice, racism and inequality

Focus areas: Impact. Justice. Philanthropy.

Join this group of passionate change leaders to create an impact in our community by opposing systems of injustice, racism and inequality. Leaders United is the primary group of leaders and ambassadors of United Way, working to identify and support anti-racism initiatives.

No matter how you choose to participate, Leaders United can help you make a positive impact on our community by supporting a platform for educating and developing the next generation of leadership volunteers and advocates for change. You’ll have the opportunity to lead and participate in diverse, equitable and inclusive networking, training, professional development, community education events and special projects.

Join us. United, we can make a difference.

You can choose to be a member of Leaders United if you are an:
1. Individual or household age 30 or younger giving $365+ to the Community Response Fund; or
2. Individual or household giving $1,000+ to the Community Response Fund; or
3. Individual or household directing $1,000+ to the E3 program (Women United/WLC). First-time members must restrict $1,000 to the E3 program to help women improve their financial security.

After entering your pledge amount in ePledge, you can click on the Leaders United checkbox to register as a member.
If you donate on our website, simply type “Leaders United” in the comment box on the donate page.

For more information or to get involved with Leaders United, contact Julia Wyche at 614.227.2713 or Julia.Wyche@uwcentralohio.org.

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