Destiny’s face lights up when her children run in the room. Like any mother, their happiness is everything to her. But happiness was hard to come by after mold forced her family to move out of their home and close their childcare business. She and her husband, Greg, both college graduates, were suddenly in a crisis that snowballed into living in cramped spaces with friends, losing their household belongings, and wondering how to get the kids to school the next day.

As weeks wore on, Destiny began to lose hope. The reality of trying to find housing, figure out how to afford it and maintain every day life was a tremendous challenge and started to take its toll. Her daughter, Zion, began to struggle in school. Finally, one day she came to her mom in tears saying, “I just want a better life.”

At the point when Destiny learned about Stable Families, she had no idea where her family was going to go next. Her Stable Families coordinator provided much-needed calm and support, helping them secure new housing and furniture to make it a home. They also received the deposit and first month’s rent that helped them move forward in their lives.  Today, both Greg and Destiny are working, the kids have bounced back from the trauma of the crisis, and Zion is excelling in school again.

“Stable Families stood by us and supported us through one of the most challenging times we’ve faced,” says Destiny. “We’re forever grateful.”

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