United Way of Central Ohio

During the Campaign

Follow These Simple Steps During The Campaign


Publicize Your Campaign

Communicate campaign information and events to all employees through United Way marketing materials, emails, calendar of events, posters and more!


Educate About United Way

One of the most important elements of a campaign is to educate employees about the work United Way does in the community.  Some people relate to personal stories, while others want to hear about facts, figures and the return on investment.


Kick-off Campaign

Start your engines!


Encourage Leadership Giving

Leadership Giving provides the fastest way to help increase total dollars raised in the campaign, and the networking opportunities offered within the groups boost your organization’s presence in the community


Need More Ideas? Special Events, Incentive Ideas & Themes:

Department Cook‐off: This takes a lot of planning.  Each department would have a cook off on a different day.  A theme, menu and pricing are decided up; advertise with emails & posters; at the end of the campaign, a winner is decided up and all proceeds go to United Way.

Dunking Booth: Rent a dunking booth for a kickoff meeting or carnival; determine who is going to get in the dunking booth (management); establish a cost for tossing the balls at the dunking booth; all proceeds benefit United Way.

Flower Sale: Talk to a local hothouse and have flowers donated.  Decide when and where you’d like to have your event, establish pricing and all proceeds benefit United Way.

Formal Wear/Fancy Dress Day: Employee pays $5 to wear special clothes for the day; all proceeds benefit United Way.

Ice Cream Social: Purchase of have ice cream and toppings donated; management scoops the ice cream and employees are asked to pay $2 a scoop; all proceeds benefit United Way.

Jeans Day(s): Employee pays $5 to wear jeans for the day; all proceeds benefit United Way.

Live Auction: Items are either solicited or donated; pricing is established, all proceeds benefit United Way.

Pet Photo Contest: Employees are asked to bring in photos of their pets; pay $5 to guess whose pet it is; winners receive a gift card to a local coffee shop or store; all proceeds benefit United Way.

Pie in the Face: Recruit executive staff to be the recipient of whip cream pie(s) in the face. Purchase whip cream, aluminum pie tins and lots of paper towels. Charge staff $2 per pie . All proceeds benefit United Way.

Sports Tournament: Flag football, softball, bowling. Establish multiple teams within your organization (or compete against another organization). Players pay $25 (or a set team price) to be on the team (receive t-shirt). Ensure each team plays at least 2 games in the tournament. All proceeds benefit United Way.

Talent or Fashion Show: Establish date, time & cost for attending event. Recruit talent through e-mail and posters. All proceeds benefit United Way.

Wii Tournament: Establish date, time & cost. Decide on prize for winner (ie. Nintendo Wii, gift certificate, cash). Advertise to your staff with emails and posters. Run the event in a bracket competition style. All proceeds benefit United Way.

Yard Sale: Items are donated; pricing is established, all proceeds benefit United Way.


Incentive Ideas:

  • Breakfast or lunch
  • Gifts from vendors or suppliers
  • iPod
  • Lottery tickets
  • Movie passes
  • Parking space
  • Passes for jeans or casual days
  • Pizza party
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Round-trip travel certificate
  • Tickets to sporting events
  • Time off (full/half day; 1-hr delay; 2-hr lunch)
  • Use of an employee’s vacation home