What does it take to become a member of the Women’s Leadership Council?

Women’s Leadership Council membership is open to all women in the community who contribute $1,000 over their previous year’s gift to United Way of Central Ohio and designate the $1,000 to WLC. To renew your membership, simply maintain that investment in subsequent years.

To join, you may give through your workplace campaign, making sure to select the WLC bullet on your pledge card. You may also request quarterly billing from United Way or give a one-time annual contribution to United Way.

Your WLC membership dollars go specifically toward the WLC initiative.

Note: For women under the age of 35 who need additional time to plan for a WLC gift, a generous matching gift offers WLC membership at a reduced cost for the next two years: 1st year: $500 – 2nd year: $750 – 3rd year: $1,000. A limited number of these “Step-up” memberships are available.

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