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Because We're Stronger Together!

Central Ohioans care about each other.
We support each other. We come together to solve issues.

From May 9 to May 13, YOU helped raise and leverage more than $650,000 for our 75 participating nonprofits!

THANK YOU central Ohio for joining forces with the collective caring power of central Ohio to strengthen our nonprofits that are struggling to do more with less.



Next Bonus:
$60,000 -or- 500 Donors
Next Bonus:
$145,000 -or- 1,025 Donors
Next Bonus:
$255,000 -or- 1,625 Donors
Ends May 13
Next Bonus:
$375,000 -or- 2,250 Donors
$415,171 Raised
1,259 Donors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nonprofit partners that received program funding for 2021-2022 from United Way of Central Ohio or United Way of Union County, or participated in 2021 United for Impact, were eligible to participate. Nonprofits were required to opt-in to this year’s UFI campaign.

The campaign begins Monday, May 9 at 8 a.m. and closes Friday, May 13 at noon.

Participating nonprofits will work as a collective (as one “team”) to raise as much money and attract as many donors as possible over a one-week period. United Way has created levels that once reached, by the entire group, will unlock prize money. Below are dollar amounts and number of donors needed to unlock each prize level.

  • Level 1: Unlocks at $60k raised or 500 donors
  • Level 2: Unlocks at $145k raised or 1,025 donors
  • Level 3: Unlocks at $255k raised or 1,625 donors
  • Level 4: Unlocks at $375k raised or 2,250 donors

For a gift to be counted, it must be made in full dollar increments (minimum of $5).

Donors will be responsible for the credit card processing fees, which vary by type of card, but are approximately 2.2% + 30 cents per transaction.

  • For example: If Donor X makes a $25 donation, there is the fee of 2.2% (55 cents) and the 30 cents handling fee. When your organization receives the list of donations, it will include a donation of $24.15 (the $25 donation less the fees).
  • *United Way will provide an option for donors to cover the cost of the credit card fees. If they choose this option, the donation will appear on your donor list at their original gift amount with the donor paying the transaction fees to United Way with their gift payment.

Participating nonprofits retain 100% of donations raised. Organizations will then receive additional funding from the prize pool using the calculations below.

In addition to receiving 100% of all donations received for your agency, participating organizations may receive additional funds from the prize pool. The prize pool will be allocated as follows:

  • 50% of the prize pool will be distributed based on the percent of each agency’s number of donors to total number of UFI donors overall.
    • Ex: If Nonprofit X had 200 donors (10%) of the total 2,000 UFI donors, it would receive 10% of the prize pool.
  • 50% of the prize pool will be distributed based on the percent of overall dollars the nonprofit raised during the campaign.
    • Ex: If Nonprofit X raised $35,000 (10%) of the total $350,000 raised, it would receive 10% of the prize pool.

UFI is intended to be a fun and engaging fundraising campaign to help raise new additional revenue for United Way’s funded partners. We recommend agencies consider this purpose in communications to their donors. Not including payments on prior pledges or sponsorship commitments will be handled on the honor system, and we ask that you do not encourage donors to enter payments on previously committed gifts through the UFI platform.

No. Gifts given through the United for Impact website are part of a special agency fundraising appeal and will not apply towards a previously committed workplace campaign pledge.

Agencies can expect to receive funds raised through United for Impact, as well as a list of donors, by Friday, June 17, 2022.

All gifts received will be recognized as donations to United Way of Central Ohio with a designation to the specified agency. The donor will receive an email receipt from United Way of Central Ohio. Upon receipt of their donor list, agencies will be encouraged to thank donors as they see appropriate.

Checks and donations through a DAF will be allowed through the websites “direct bill” function. To ensure the integrity of the feature, donors who pay using a check or DAF must contribute at least $1,000.

The unique identifier for number of donors will be the donor email that is used for the transaction.

The site allows the donor to give to up to five organizations in a single transaction.

Yes. There is an option to split your individual donation equally among all participating organizations. To do this, there is a $50 minimum donation requirement.

Robert Fournier at 609.712.0298 or robert. fournier@uwcentralohio.org.

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