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United Way Partnership with One Linden Schools Initiative Supports Student Success

December 12th, 2023

United Way of Central Ohio is thrilled to announce that it will continue its partnership with The One Linden Schools Initiative. The initiative targets nearly 2,300 students attending schools in the Linden community.

We are proud to support this initiative, and we are pleased to share that the Federal Department of Education has awarded a $2.5 million investment – $500,000 annually for five years – from the Biden-Harris administration into the work of OLSI in Linden. This investment will significantly impact the community, and we look forward to seeing the positive results of this collaboration.

Through the community’s unwavering support and partnerships with The Ohio State University College of Social Work’s Community and Youth Collaborative Institute, Columbus City Schools, and The City of Columbus Department of Neighborhoods, these organizations have become a cornerstone within the Linden community. Their contributions have been instrumental in the success of the Linden feeder pattern, and they remain committed to the continued growth and development of the community. We are proud to contribute to this initiative and believe it is a testament to the power of collaborative efforts toward achieving educational excellence.

This partnership with Hamilton STEM Academy, Windsor STEM Academy and One Linden Initiative is filled with pride and will benefit our institutions and the wider community. This collaboration is a testimony to our commitment to fostering academic excellence and creating opportunities for our students to thrive.

“Receiving this grant means that the One Linden partnership with Hamilton STEM and Windsor STEM will continue so we can keep working on building a brighter future for our youth in the Linden community by using our strategic partnerships to provide resources and support to improve the entire Linden community,” said Dr. Christopher Brady, principal of Hamilton STEM Academy.

This collaborative effort underscores our unwavering commitment to our students, families and community partners. By working together, we have forged strong connections that will enable us to better serve our stakeholders and achieve our shared goals of creating a stronger, more equitable central Ohio.

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