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United Way of Central Ohio and United Way of Union County Announce Affiliation to Better Serve Donors and Communities

November 18th, 2020

United Way of Central Ohio and United Way of Union County today announced a formal affiliation creating greater efficiencies, reduced expenses and increased impact for both organizations. Prior to this affiliation, United Way of Central Ohio was one of only three United Ways in major markets across the country serving one county. The affiliation takes effect on January 1, 2021.

“Major markets such as Cincinnati and Cleveland have found efficiency and scale by working together as a region,” said Lisa Courtice, president and CEO of United Way of Central Ohio. “Our affiliation with United Way of Union County is the first of what we hope are many partnerships in central Ohio.”

United Way of Union County was founded in 1958 and currently supports more than two dozen nonprofit organizations. Corinne Bix, Director of United Way of Union
County, said the affiliation with United Way of Central Ohio would make it possible for the organization to secure more funding and better serve Union County.

“By partnering with United Way of Central Ohio, we will be able to run our organization more efficiently by sharing resources and improving access to corporate funding,” said Bix. “While we will share a partnership with a larger organization, our focus on serving the people of Union County remains the same as all funding raised in Union County will stay in Union County.”

One of the major benefits of creating regional affiliations among United Way organizations is access to corporate funding. There are 15 counties in the central Ohio
area served by an independent United Way. By taking a regional approach, companies like Nationwide, Honda, ScottsMiracle-Gro and Nestle can expand their charitable reach, serving the communities where their employees live and work.

“It’s a future-focused strategy that takes into consideration our transient population,” said Courtice. “By blurring county lines, we can unite in our efforts to serve at-risk
communities today and for decades to come.”

Under the affiliation agreement, the United Way of Central Ohio Board of Trustees becomes the governing board for United Way of Union County, with two representatives from its organization joining the board. Also, United Way of Union County will maintain its name and the local nature of philanthropy, funding and service delivery, as well as its staff and offices.

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