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Public Policy

Public Policy and advocacy has been, and continues to be, a central activity for United Way of Central Ohio.

These issues and priorities are reflective of work that is key to the capacity of United Ways to meet the human care needs of our communities, and where our active involvement along with key partners can result in sustained and positive change.


What is Public Policy?

Public Policy is more than lobbying.

Public Policy refers to the laws, rules and funding priorities that establish how government will address needs, solve problems, and spend public dollars.

Public Policy advocacy encompasses a range of activities that may or may not include lobbying. Lobbying usually involves an attempt to influence legislation. Almost all social change started with non-lobbying advocacy that evolved into lobbying efforts that led to changes in public policies and law.

Public Policy advocacy is one of the tools we use to influence laws and funding decisions that will have long-term impact on central Ohio families.


Public Policy Advocacy Includes A Range Of Activities:

  • Developing a relationship with local leaders and government agencies
  • Grassroots organizing and education
  • Voter registration and issue identification
  • Research and analysis of issues/policy endorsements
  • Public testimonies and lobbying for or against legislation

For more information regarding our public policy work, please contact Valerie Ridgeway at valerie.ridgeway@uwcentralohio.org or 614.227.2706.

About Public Policy
About Public Policy
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