The moment Tinya (Ty) White heard the woman on the other end of the phone say “Welcome to OhioHealth,” she burst into tears. She never imagined she would finally be hired by Grant Hospital.
As a home health aide, Ty had been laid off, was struggling to pay bills and faced eviction from her Bexley home. Determined to keep her 14-year-old daughter in her current school, Ty swallowed her pride and called 2-1-1 for help. She was connected with United Way’s Stable Families program and service coordinator Gracie Wynn.

“It was a complete turn around overnight,” Ty says. “Everything changed.”

Stable Families provides families at risk of homelessness with immediate emergency funds and long-term services to help stabilize them and keep their children in their current schools.
In addition to helping with immediate needs like rent, Gracie helped Ty update her resume and apply for jobs that could provide steady hours and a reliable paycheck. And with the threat of eviction gone and Gracie in her corner offering encouragement and support, Ty got her dream job.

“In this moment, I’m comfortable,” smiles Ty, “and so very grateful.”

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