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Jolara’s Story

August 28th, 2014

Jolara left a bad relationship while she was pregnant so she could raise her son, Ellis, in a safe, positive environment. As a single mom, she set aside dreams of a fulfilling career and a secure financial future to focus on day-to-day survival. She says, “I was consumed with anxiety about building a better life for me and Ellis.”

When she heard about the Women’s Leadership Council’s E3 program she knew it was just what she needed to help her build confidence and connections. She  applied immediately.

The E3 program provided Jolara with ongoing emotional support when she suddenly lost her job, and steered her toward academic and professional opportunities she never knew existed. She is surrounded by positive, professional women who share their insights, and who help her set and accomplish her goals for a brighter future.

Today, Jolara is a full-time student working toward a degree in social work, and looking forward to a stable, meaningful career helping others.

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