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The need in our community is
huge and growing.

The surest way to address the need and effect change is through donations. That’s how you can show your support for the work you feel passionate about. We invite you to give to our Community Impact Fund, the most powerful way to improve lives and strengthen our community, or to designate funds for a specific cause. However you choose to contribute, you can be sure that your hard-earned dollars will impact the greatest needs in our community, because they’re collected with other gifts and directed to programs doing the most to make a difference. (We know because we evaluate the impact of our funded programs every year).


Planned Giving

A planned gift is a unique and personal opportunity to have a lasting impact on your community and the issues that matter most to you.

United Way of Central Ohio invites you to make the ultimate investment in your community by arranging for a planned gift to United Way.  A planned gift to United Way will help strengthen families and build a stronger, more equitable community for generations to come.  You are also inspiring others to make a lasting impact, creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond your initial contribution.

Donors also reap benefits from making a planned gift to United Way of Central Ohio. Not only do you build a legacy for yourself and your family, you can reduce your taxes, see an increase in your income, fulfill your charitable goals and reap great personal satisfaction in seeing your desires carried forth into the future.

Become a Member of the Rainbow Chasers Legacy Society

By including United Way in your estate plans, you will join other visionary leaders as a member of our Rainbow Chasers Legacy Society. Established in 2023, following a transformational gift from the Tad and Nancy Jeffrey Fund to support our endowment, this recognition opportunity honors donors who are deeply committed to the futures of both our organization and our community.

Nancy Jeffrey was the first woman to serve as campaign chair for our United Way in 1972. She then became the first woman elected to lead United Way’s board of trustees in 1976. The name Rainbow Chasers was chosen by the Jeffrey children and was inspired by a picture that hung over Nancy’s desk since the 1970s. The drawing dubbed Nancy and her team of fundraisers as Rainbow Chasers, in admiration of their dedication to and persistence in inspiring others to join them in helping those in need in the community.

As a member of our Rainbow Chasers Legacy Society, you will receive specialized communications, timely updates on the impact of our work and personalized opportunities to connect with our leadership to plan for your gift’s realization.  

Donors who make a planned gift to United Way of Central Ohio have many options available to implement this transaction. You can make an outright gift from appreciated assets, through a bequest, with a life insurance policy, through a trust, retirement plans or an annuity. These are but a few of the many avenues available. We encourage you to work with your legal or financial adviser in making a planned gift, but United Way can also provide assistance.

Planned Giving: It assures the future of United Way and what matters most to you.

To discuss planned giving options, contact Mary Birchard at or 614.227.2708.

Include United Way in Your Will or Living Trust

Your legacy can support central Ohio not just today but for years to come. Many of our supporters have included a gift to United Way of Central Ohio in their estate plans to make a lasting impact at no cost today. To create your legacy, we invite you to use FreeWill: an online estate planning tool that makes it 100% free to write your will and designate United Way of Central Ohio as a beneficiary of your legacy. Create your legacy here.

Donor Advised Fund

Your Giving Becomes a Powerful Force for Good (with Tax Benefits and Flexibility)

A Donor Advised Fund, which is like a charitable savings account, gives you the flexibility to recommend how much and how often money is granted to United Way of Central Ohio and other organizations. Your fund has the potential to grow tax-free in an investment option, ready to support your next philanthropic mission when the moment is right for you.

If you include United Way in your plans, please use our legal name and federal tax ID.
Legal name: United Way of Central Ohio
Address: 215 N. Front Street, Suite 600, Columbus, OH 43215
Federal tax ID number: 31-4393712

For information about Donor Advised Funds, talk to a trusted financial advisor or visit

For additional information on connecting your DAF to United Way of Central Ohio, contact Mary Birchard at or 614.227.2708.

United Way Life

Invest in Central Ohio’s Future with United Way Life

United Way Life uses an affordable guaranteed life insurance policy. With a modest out-of-pocket cost, you can create a substantial gift that will make an impact in our community forever. With just five annual tax-deductible premium payments to United Way of Central Ohio, the policy is fully paid. Both the premiums and the death benefit are guaranteed to fulfill your gift intent.

Working through a national partnership, United Way Life identifies highly rated best-in-class insurance carriers and constantly searches the market for the greatest value for your charitable dollars. The team at United Way Worldwide will assist you every step of the way, ensuring confidential handling of your information and arranging all required underwriting processes with program partners.

Once premium amounts are determined, they are guaranteed and do not change over the five years. And with United Way of Central Ohio named as the owner and beneficiary of the policy, you receive a tax deduction for each of your five annual premium payments.

The addition of a United Way Life policy also may qualify you for membership in one or more of United Way’s giving groups, or you can use it to step up to the next level of giving over a short period of time, while enjoying membership benefits immediately.

Complete this form to get your free quote today, or to have someone contact you with more information! Or contact Mary Birchard at or 614.227.2708.

Donate stock

Persons wishing to use appreciated stock as settlement of their United Way pledge should check the box labeled “Stocks and Securities” on their pledge card and make sure to fill out the Home Address section of the form. The pledge will be logged as a Direct Bill pledge payable before the end of the following calendar year (i.e. – a pledge made in the fall of 2017 is due prior to 12-31-2018.)

When donating appreciated stock, the individual should transfer the stock(s) as described below before selling it. By doing this, the individual may be able to claim a charitable contribution in the amount of the average of the high and low stock price on the day of transfer to the United Way. He/she may also not have to pay any capital gains tax on the deposition of the stock.

Note: Only stock which has appreciated in value should be contributed directly to the United Way. If you are considering stock whose current selling price is below the purchase price, it would be advantageous for tax purposes to sell the stock first and contribute the proceeds after receiving the cash settlement, so that the individual may be entitled to the capital loss on the sale as well as the charitable donation for the cash paid to the United Way.


To transfer stock(s) or mutual fund(s) to the United Way:

1.) Please contact The United Way of Central Ohio at (614) 227-8703 or and inform us of the transfer. We can also answer any questions that you may have.

  • If your shares of stock are being held in a brokerage account they can be transferred electronically from your brokerage account to the United Way account. To transfer shares electronically, please provide your broker/brokerage firm with the following United Way account information:

United Way Account: 54H04150
Brokerage Firm: Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch DTC Number: 8862
Federal Tax ID: 31-4393712

Your brokerage firm can contact Merrill Lynch directly at (800)285-0648 for information regarding the transfer.

  • If you have stock certificates in your possession, please call the above numbers and we will guide you on how to proceed. It is important that you not endorse the stock certificate itself. We will supply you with a separate stock power to use which will expedite the transaction and remove the need for you to have your endorsement certified before sending. You will need to send us the original stock certificate and the separate stock power for our processing. We recommend that these documents be sent separately by certified or registered mail for your protection. We will then sell the stock and give you credit for the average of the high and low stock price on the day you mailed or delivered the certificate.

2.) If you wish to transfer mutual funds, please contact Merrill Lynch at 614-342-6267 or 1-800-285-0648. They will be able to recommend the appropriate procedure to follow.

Our policy is to sell donated stock as quickly as possible after receiving the transfer. Once we receive the proceeds we will post the contribution to your account and send you an acknowledgment letter to serve as evidence of the value of your contribution for tax purposes. To ensure proper posting of stock payments, please ask your broker to provide your full name and address when funds are transferred.

Start a workplace campaign

Starting a workplace campaign is an ideal way for you and your co-workers to take a stand for your philanthropic values. Creating a culture of giving at work benefits your employees, your organization and our community.

When you partner with United Way of Central Ohio, you help improve the lives of everyone in our community —including your own.

We’re here for support.

Let us help you customize your campaign. Together, we’ll make it fun, productive and engaging, regardless of the size of your organization.

Call 614.227.2700. We’ll connect you with your personal United Way campaign manager so you can get started today.

In-Kind Donations

Our work in the community is made possible by the generous support of individuals and business through monetary and in-kind donations.  We would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their generous in-kind support through the donation of goods, services or consulting expertise valued at $5,000 or more.

Consider an In-Kind Gift

In-kind product and service contributions help United Way of Central Ohio and our partner nonprofit organizations thrive by expanding resources, reducing overhead costs and helping increase efficiency. By making an in-kind donation, you can take pride in knowing your gifts have found a good home and made a real difference in our community.

If you’re an organization:

To coordinate an in-kind fundraiser, such as a school supply drive or clothing drive, or to make a large in-kind donation such as advertising/media placement or consulting services, please contact us and we will gladly help connect you to the right people, programs and agencies in our community.

We also welcome your in-kind donations of goods and services made directly to United Way of Central Ohio—such as gift cards, printing, catering services, office supplies, video production/editing. These generous donations allow us to do our work in central Ohio more efficiently and effectively.

Please contact and work with your organization’s United Way Relationship Manager. If you don’t have an assigned Relationship Manager, please contact Amie Grubbs at

If you’re an individual:

We can help you find a nonprofit agency home for your new and/or gently used household items or office equipment including household tools, gently used clothes and winter jackets, and office equipment including computers and printers. Please contact Amie Grubbs at

When you make an in-kind gift, you’re entitled to receive all the tax credits allowed by law.  Please contact a tax professional for specific tax advice.  United Way of Central Ohio gladly coordinates the donations of in-kind gifts among individuals, companies and non-profit organizations. We are not responsible for any damage or inconvenience encountered during an in-kind transaction.

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