Make Your Moment. Help us Fight Poverty.

Be Informed and be Vocal

Effective change requires increased awareness. You can help increase awareness in our community by making your voice heard for the causes and issues that matter most to you.

Advocate for Central Ohio

You can help reduce poverty by learning about our public policy priorities, being informed about local issues, contacting your elected officials about a poverty issue, increasing awareness about a cause through social media, and telling your friends and family about our work.

Franklin County Board of commissioners

Central Ohio Members of the Ohio General Assembly

State representatives

Rep. Laura Lanese

R - House District 23

Rep. Bernadine Kenn... Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent

D - House District 25

Rep. Jim Hughes

R - House District 24

Rep. Adam C. Miller

House District 17

Rep. Heather Bishoff

D- District 20

Rep. Mike Duffey

R- District 21

Rep. Anne Gonzales

R- District 19

Rep. David Leland

D- District 22

Rep. Kristin Boggs

D- District 18

Central Ohio Members of the Ohio General Assembly

State Senators

Sen. Stephanie Kunze

R - Senate District 16

Sen. Kevin Bacon

R- District 3

Central Ohio Congressional Delegation


Rep. Joyce Beatty

D- 3rd District

Rep. Steve Stivers

R- 15th District

Rep. Patrick Tiberi

R- 12th District

Central Ohio Congressional Delegation


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