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Clean-up the Hilltop – Graffiti Removal
Great Western Blockwatch and Civic Association
Organization Description:

The Great Western Blockwatch and Civic Association was established in 2005. Our neighborhood has the potential to become a premier area of the city. Our organization was established to promote public safety and crime prevention. We are heavily involved in crime prevention, community clean-ups and graffiti removal throughout the Hilltop. We host many public events for our entire area, bringing citizens together with the Columbus Police Department and other city agencies in a positive way.

Project Description:

Graffiti removal provides a beautiful neighborhood. This increases community pride and attracts home buyers and business investors. This will help increase property values. It will also foster neighbor relations and create a stronger sense of community. Graffiti removal will also deter gang and criminal activities, showing gangs they are not welcome in the Hilltop. Hundreds of locations have been cleaned through this program. We plan to continue the Clean Up the Hilltop program in 2014 and far into the future.

Neighborhood(s) Served:

Greater Hilltop

ZIP Code: