Corporate social responsibility has been turned upside down. A new generation of employees has entered the workforce. They value purpose over paycheck. They care deeply about their personal impact and employer’s social impact. But how do you connect every employee’s individual passions to the right opportunities to give back?

Engage Employees

Philanthropy Cloud, built by and powered by United Way, allows companies of all sizes to align workplace giving with corporate community goals, resulting in more engagement and more impact all in one place. It puts donors at the center of the process. It provides employees with records of all their matched giving and volunteering, provides content based on their interests, guides them to other nonprofits and causes, and suggests new ways they can help make a difference.

Achieve Local Impact

Overwhelmingly, employees say they want their company to be socially conscious. They want to improve the well-being of our community, and they’re looking to their employer for help doing just that. We’ll help you create a focused giving strategy that is as effective and targeted as possible.

Increase Social Good

By seamlessly connecting corporations, nonprofits and individuals, we’ll help you drive social good and magnify impact to new levels.

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