The Women’s Leadership Council created the E3 initiative to help low-to moderate income working women in central Ohio become “educated, empowered and elevated” to a new level of financial stability for themselves and their families.

E3 relies on three strategies to help women succeed:
  • Providing the support needed to secure a livable wage job with benefits
  • Linking women to resources and benefits that enhance financial stability
  • Helping participants develop financial literacy

Women entering the E3 program must have a high school diploma or GED, be working or have a means of support, but struggling to meet basic needs, and be willing to work hard to improve finances.

The E3 initiative begins with an intensive 16-week program designed to help women with financial literacy, remedial math and English, self-esteem, and resume and networking skills. All E3 participants are matched with a WLC member who serves as their mentor. Once a participant is in school, we provide continued support, including job placement services and networking opportunities.

For more information or to get started with the E3 initiative, email or call 614.849.0028 and dial zero (0) to reach a receptionist.

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