Preparing Children To Start School and Succeed In Life

With support from more than 300 community partners, United Way of Central Ohio is leading an effort to provide school readiness and referral services for children ages 2 to 5 years in Franklin County.

With some 40% of Columbus City Schools kindergartners needing intervention, Columbus Kids/Franklin County Kids was launched in 2010 to help children develop the skills they need so they are not playing catch up on the first day of school.

In five years, the program has given more than 29,960 Learning Checkups to more than 18,590 kids in our community. In 2015, Columbus Kids/Franklin County Kids will begin focusing its efforts and resources on those children and families who are most in need of referral services according to scores on Learning Checkups.

The enhanced model is designed to better prepare children to enter kindergarten ready to learn by focusing on the “whole” child, including barriers that families experience, through care coordination services. For example, housing, food assistance and/or access to medical care may be barriers for our families.

Learning Checkups are free, quick and easy!

Children age 2 to 5 years who live in Franklin County are eligible to receive Learning Checkups. Any child who needs a referral according to Learning Checkup results will receive additional comprehensive services.

Learning Checkups screen for learning concerns and are absolutely free to families. The Learning Checkup will be given by a Columbus Kids/Franklin County Kids team member. It’s a great tool in the form of a short questionnaire that can provide insight to learning obstacles before the first day of school. Most importantly, it helps children and families receive intervention services early when they are most likely to be effective.

Parents receive feedback from the screening tool, a $10 gift card at the initial Learning Checkup and each child receives a book at every Learning Checkup.

For more information or to find out how your child can get a Learning Checkup, call 614.241.3089 or email

Columbus Kids/Franklin County Kids is Funded by:

Ways We Invest in Columbus & Franklin County Kids:

Innovation and Systems: $200,000​​

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