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Tax_Time_LogoHelping Families Create a
Path to Future Financial Stability

Wages have not kept pace with the rising cost of housing, health care and education, and hard-working people are finding it increasingly more difficult to keep up financially.

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a refundable tax credit that helps bridge the gap between what people earn and what they need to survive. Claimed on a person’s tax return, it is designed to supplement wages and reward work.

If your family earns less than $50,270 a year, you could qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. If you qualify, you’ll receive help preparing and filing your taxes for free. Call 2-1-1 today for and see if you qualify for the money you don’t have…but should.

Tax Time: Free Tax Prep And Financial Resources

If individuals and families are to obtain long-term financial independence, they need tools and resources to help them maximize their income and build assets.

Recognizing the EITC’s potential benefit to individuals, families and communities, United Way of Central Ohio partnered with Columbus City Council and the Franklin County commissioners to launch the Franklin County EITC Coalition—now Tax Time—in October 2006.

Each year, Tax Time supports free tax assistance sites throughout Columbus between January and April.  In 2013, 47 sites prepared 14,530 tax returns, resulting in $14.8 million dollars in refunds and savings of more than $3.6 million to taxpayers who may have otherwise used a paid tax preparer.

Tax Time works collaboratively to maximize community resources that promote economic self-sufficiency. The program raises awareness of the EITC, provides access to free, high-quality tax assistance and connects people to a network of services, including financial education opportunities that help them plan for their future.

Tax Time’s lead partners include AARP, HandsOn Central Ohio, Legal Aid Society of Columbus,  The Ohio Benefit Bank (a program of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks), and United Way of Central Ohio. For more information, go to http://taxtimecentralohio.org