Our Mission

Improve the lives of others by mobilizing the caring power of our community.

Our Vision

Build a community in which everyone has the aspirations, resources and opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

We are your neighbors, co-workers and friends. We are a collaboration of donors, volunteers, organizations and experts—UNITED around the shared sense of purpose to reduce poverty in our community. Founded in 1923, United Way of Central Ohio is one of the largest United Ways in the country. We bring together more than 80,000 donors, advocates and volunteers, because when we speak and act together, we have the power to do more and our impact multiplies.

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United Way of Central Ohio is a
volunteer-driven organization

Concerned and compassionate citizens created United Way of Central Ohio to help people in need and make our community a better place for everyone.

Today, we are mobilizing the caring power of thousands of individuals and central Ohio employers to advance the common good.  Together, we are working to create opportunities for a better life for all.  We are joining hands, opening our hearts, lending our muscle and finding our collective voice.

Accountability Committee

Strengthens donor and community trust by supporting and enhancing United Way efforts to: establish appropriate standards of accountability for all UWCO-funded investments and ensure that those standards are adequately achieved, and define and measures impact at the program, organizational, and community levels. Provides training, technical assistance and other support to strengthen the capacity of member agencies to realize their missions and support UWCO community results.

Mo Wright, M.P.A, Chair
Jennifer Sharma, Vice Chair

  • Scott Caine
  • Jill Dannemiller
  • Sharon Fiddler
  • Toski Flemister
  • Dawn Gleason
  • Dr. David Julian
  • Jackie Kemp
  • Marti Ridley
  • Dinessa Solomon
  • Warren Strauss
  • Justin Sulsberger
  • Mark Thompson
  • Marcy Williams
Audit Committee

Provides strategic direction and oversight for the annual audit, internal controls, potential risks and exposures for the organization.

Donald E. Brown, Chair

  • Duane Casares
  • Jeff Miller
  • Elaine Roberts
  • Daniel Rowell
  • Rick Schumacher
Barriers to Care Results Committee

Provides strategic direction and tactical support for efforts to create and enhance community change that address UWCO’s community results in the Health Impact Area.  Helps ensures people overcome barriers to accessing health and wellness services.

Orelle Jackson, Chair

  • Dr. Seleshi Asfaw
  • Tyler Benack
  • David Ciccone
  • Carol Deibel
  • John Gregory
  • Bonney Harnish
  • Ginger Harrell
  • Grace Hunter
  • Eleanor Johnson
  • John Leite
  • Alicia D. Smith
  • Kahassai Tafese
  • John W. Tolbert, MA
  • Dana Vallangeon, MD
  • Matthew Yannie
Community Impact Cabinet
  • Judge Laurel A. Beatty
  • Mary Lynn Foster
  • Michelle Heritage
  • Tracey D. Johnson
  • Dawn Tyler Lee
  • Mike Lex
  • Ken Peters
  • Tom Rieland
  • Denise M. Robinson
  • Mataryun “Mo” Wright
  • Dr. Karin Wurapa, MD, MPH
Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Results Committee

Provides strategic direction and tactical support for efforts to create and enhance community change that address UWCO’s community results in the Health Impact Area.  Helps ensure the community is prepared to respond to disaster and emergencies.

Michael J. Fielding RS, MS, Chair

  • Bob Armstrong
  • Redd R.J.G. Branner, Ph.D.
  • Michael Fielding, RS, MS
  • David Ciccone
  • Tessa Fite
  • Grace Hunter
  • Jodi Keller, RN
  • Jeff McElroy, MEP, KD8MKL
  • Kelly McGuire
  • Dennis Nicodemus
  • Kevin Reardon
  • Shannon Yang, RN
  • Matthew Yannie
Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Provides strategic direction and support the Community Impact Framework of United Way by providing knowledge and resources to the organization, and leadership to the central Ohio community through actions that recognize and leverage diversity and inclusion.

Michelle Heritage, Vice Chair (PAC)

  • Tara McKenzie Allison, Esq.
  • Lourdes Barroso de Padilla
  • Wanda Dillard
  • Shayne Downton
  • Awatif Elnour
  • Stephen S. Francis
  • Erica Ganyard
  • Phyllis Gorman
  • Patricia Larkins Hicks
  • Michelle Heritage
  • Dan Houston
  • Isimeme Ikharebha
  • Chris Kloth
  • Linda Thompson Kohli
  • Cathy Mock
  • Nicole Pittman, M.E.D., J.D
  • Caroline Ramsey
  • Becky Roman-Amador
  • Karla Rothan
  • Cheryl Staats
  • Dawn Tyler Lee
  • Erin Walberg
  • Garth Weithman
  • Shadya Yazback
  • Willa Young
Education Impact Council

Provides overall strategic direction for UWCO’s role and emphasis in the Education Impact Area. Acts as an executive body advising UWCO’s community impact agenda in Education. Community Results in this area include: children enter kindergarten physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively ready to succeed; and youth graduate from high school well-prepared for additional learning and productive careers.

Judge Laurel Beatty, Chair
Linda Day Mackessy, Vice Chair

  • Lourdes Barroso de Padilla
  • Greg Brown
  • Amiee Bowie
  • Jessie Cannon
  • Duane Casares
  • William G. Ebbing
  • Michael J. Franks
  • Evelyn Johns-Rivera
  • Lisa Kass
  • Michelle Mills
  • Ezetta Murray
  • Nancy Nestor-Baker, Ph.D.
  • Janet Ravneberg
  • Christie Stover
  • Cindy Sturni
  • Elizabeth Trotman
  • Steve Votaw
  • Jane Whyde
  • Dr. William Wise
  • Shaun Yoder
Emergency Food, Shelter and Financial Assistance Results Committee

Provides strategic direction and tactical support for United Way of Central Ohio’s efforts to create strong social safety that is responsive to, and accessible by, people in crisis.

Carla Williams-Scott, Chair
Michelle Hannan, Vice Chair

  • Tom Albanese
  • Colleen Bain
  • Darnita Bradley
  • Michelle Davis
  • Bridget DeCrane
  • Brad Draper
  • Michelle Hannan
  • Michele Harris
  • Jennifer King
  • Matt Kosanovich
  • Amy Price
  • Emily Savors
  • Carla Williams-Scott
  • Robert Wilson
  • Tim Wilson
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, the Chair-elect, the immediate past Chair, the Treasurer/Secretary, the vice chairs, a member agency representative, and a representative of organized labor. The Executive Committee shall have the power to act on behalf of the full Board of Trustees between meetings.

Craig Marshall, Chair

  • Darrell Gammell
  • Lisa Ingram
  • Mike Lex
  • Janet Meeks
  • C. David Paragas
  • Martyn R. Redgrave
  • Denise Robinson
Finance Committee

Provides strategic direction and oversight for the financial operations of the organization including the operating budget, pledge collections and other financial matters. Reports to the United Way of Central Ohio Board of Trustees.

Lisa Ingram, Chair

  • Derrick K. Antwi
  • Veronica Bennu
  • Brad Campbell
  • Doug Feller
  • Mary Lynn Foster
  • Shawn D. Holt
  • Jon Jasper
  • Jerome Jones
  • Timothy King
  • Chelsie Lanthorn
  • Steve Markovich, MD
  • Brian Waeltz
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