Our Mission

Improve the lives of others by mobilizing the caring power of our community.

Our Vision

Build a community in which everyone has the aspirations, resources and opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

We are your neighbors, co-workers and friends. We are a collaboration of donors, volunteers, organizations and experts—UNITED around the shared sense of purpose to reduce poverty in our community. Founded in 1923, United Way of Central Ohio is one of the largest United Ways in the country. We bring together more than 40,000 donors, advocates and volunteers, because when we speak and act together, we have the power to do more and our impact multiplies.


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United Way of Central Ohio is a
volunteer-driven organization

Concerned and compassionate citizens created United Way of Central Ohio to help people in need and make our community a better place for everyone.

Today, we are mobilizing the caring power of thousands of individuals and central Ohio employers to advance the common good.  Together, we are working to create opportunities for a better life for all.  We are joining hands, opening our hearts, lending our muscle and finding our collective voice.

Audit Committee

Provides strategic direction and oversight for the annual audit, internal controls, potential risks and exposures for the organization.

Duane Casares, Chair

  • Tara Donovan
  • Craig Marshall
  • Rick Schumacher Jr.
DEI Advisory Council

Azure’D Metoyer, Co-Chair
Dr. Marlon Moore, Co-Chair

  • Christie Angel
  • Ukeme Awakessien
  • Angela Bretz
  • Molly Culbertson
  • Elfi Di Bella
  • Katina Fullen
  • Michelle Geeting
  • Matthew Goldstein
  • Priscilla Hammonds
  • Mark Hatcher
  • Dr. Mark Lomax
  • Kerri Mollard
  • Narad Napal
  • Gerry Rodriguez
  • Meredith Schwager
  • Dr. Mary Ann Short
  • Tariq Tarey
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, the Chair-elect, the immediate past Chair, the Treasurer/Secretary, the vice chairs, a member agency representative, and a representative of organized labor. The Executive Committee shall have the power to act on behalf of the full Board of Trustees between meetings.

Dan Crane, Chair

Barbara Benham, Immediate Past Chair

  • Derrick Antwi
  • Duane Casares
  • Rachel Caviness
  • Dan Crane
  • Mark Fluharty
  • Rocky Parker
  • Robert Tannous
  • Brooke Wagner
  • Sharee Wells
Finance Committee

Provides strategic direction and oversight for the financial operations of the organization including the operating budget, pledge collections and other financial matters. Reports to the United Way of Central Ohio Board of Trustees.

Rachel Caviness, Chair

  • Tal Bendor
  • Jackie Dees
  • Laura DiFillippo
  • Nazree Gore
  • Sean Grant
  • Danella Hicks
  • Conor Hoffman
  • Bill McGee
  • Stephanie Smith
  • Julie Sosa
  • Brad Walters
HR and Culture Committee
  • Rocky Parker, Chair
  • Julia R. Baxter
  • Kevin E. Griffith
  • Rocky Parker
  • Lori Pierson
  • Katrina Plourde
  • Daniel Richardson
  • Krystal Rodriguez
  • Zoe Switzer
  • Camille Thompson
Nominating & Governance Committee

Dan Crane, Chair

  • Barbara Benham
  • Adam Lewin
  • Robert Tannous
Planning and Investment Committee

The Planning and Investment Committee provides the strategic guidance and oversight necessary to ensure the advancement of UW’s funding investments. The committee helps to ensure that funding investments align with UW’s Community Impact strategies. The Planning and Investment Committee oversees the coordination of UW’s Program Investment Process, provides strategic guidance on development and implementation of System & Innovation and Neighborhood Based investment agendas; reviews proposed investments and sources potential new investment opportunities. The committee also provides the strategic guidance and expertise necessary for performance measurement and continuous learning and improvement.

Derrick Antwi, Chair
Isi Ikharebha Green, Co-chair

  • Carmen Barnes
  • Michael Corey
  • Hope Cotter
  • Paul Haggard
  • Hannah Jones
  • Jamille Jones
  • Nicholas Jones
  • Brian Kelso
  • Bill Lafayette, Ph.D.
  • Jason Reece
  • Toshia Safford
  • Meredith Schwager
  • Patrick Westerlund


Resource Development Committee

The Resource Development Committee defines, champions and refines a business model that produces the resources required for United Way of Central Ohio to achieve its work. It provides strategic direction and a framework to support the Campaign Chairs’ and the staff’s annual and longer-term fundraising efforts.  And it advises the Board of Trustees on matters relating to the development of resources and appropriate policies to guide development efforts.

Martyn Redgrave, Co-Chair
Jeremy Gutierrez, Co-Chair

  • William Alston
  • Alex Anthony
  • Debbie Donahey
  • Brandon Dupler
  • The Rev. Monsignor Joseph M. Hendricks
  • Denise Robinson
  • Elon Simms
  • Robert Tannous
  • Kelly Jennings Yeoman

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